Anthony's Story

After obtaining his B.S. Degree in Marketing Management in 1996 Anthony worked steadily for 13 years, performing data entry and inventory control operations in the shipping and receiving departments of two large companies. In 2011 Anthony and Carrie-Anne moved back to their native Bucks County, but he was unable to obtain employment that paid a livable wage. In addition to a weak economy, his difficulty in finding employment was expounded by the fact that some employers did not look past his Cerebral Palsy when considering his qualification for employment. 


Having hit difficult financial times, Anthony and Carrie-Anne applied for a Housing Choice Voucher through the Bucks County Housing Authority.  This voucher provides a lifetime rental subsidy for a family; adjusting their monthly rental payment based on their income.  Despite having this lifetime subsidy, Anthony and Carrie-Anne remained committed to increasing their income and becoming financially independent. 

At one of their meetings with the Bucks County Housing Authority, Anthony and Carrie-Anne learned about the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program. When a family enrolls in FSS, any increase in their rent portion is held in escrow – effectively establishing a savings account for the family that they receive upon completion of their FSS goals, one of which is relinquishing their rental voucher.  Anthony and Carrie-Anne wasted no time in scheduling a meeting with a BCOC Coach to review the program information and sign a participant agreement. They viewed the voucher as a temporary measure to get back on their feet with the long-term goal to be off all income subsidies. Anthony was vehement about finding employment that would support his wife and her two sons.





Anthony and his BCOC Coach worked on resume development and expanded his job search. He worked numerous temporary and part-time work assignments but was unable to secure anything permanent.  His hard work paid off in 2012 when he was referred for a Bank Teller position with First Federal of Bucks County.  First Federal had recently partnered with BCOC to begin a Careerworks Inititative – to help low to moderate income families and individuals plan careers that lead to self-sustaining wages.


Anthony and Carrie-Anne celebrated when he received his job offer from First Federal!  He began full time employment in February of 2012 and is still employed there today – it has been a great match! First Federal looked beyond Anthony’s disability and saw all of his potential.


In May of this year, Anthony and Carrie-Anne surrendered their housing voucher after their household income increased to a level in which they no longer qualified for the assistance.  They received a substantial escrow which they used to pay off debt and are now off all income subsidies.   Anthony is excited to advance his career and takes advantage of training opportunities to increase his knowledge.