Deborah's Story

When Deborah first came to BCOC for housing last year, she placed a call from a motel.  She had just packed up what she could of her belongings and left her home.  Her apartment was turning condo and she had no other place to go.  Deborah was unemployed, homeless, and yet remained hopeful that this would be the beginning of a new journey. 

Deborah soon gained part-time employment in retail.  She was enrolled in Rapid Re-Housing and within one month Deborah was able to secure permanent, affordable housing and had a potential lead for full-time employment.  She was given a donated car through the Wheelz to Work Program which enabled her to make the commute and take the position. 

Deborah is now helping others full-time as a call center representative for a large company.  She is stably housed, earning a livable wage, and just purchased a new car through connections within the community.  Deborah has overcome many barriers throughout her time in the program, and she has remained focused on her success and continued journey.