Jackie's Story

Jackie was an Emergency Services case in the summer of 2011. She needed assistance with her PECO bill.  She is a single mom with two young boys, both with emotional issues.  She was trying to make ends meet but having a difficult time; working a full time job that was just barely paying the bills.

In the following year Jackie mailed in an Economic self- Sufficiency application inquiring about our Family Self-Sufficiency program which assists families in becoming self –sufficient enough for them to be able to relinquish their Section 8 Housing voucher.

Jackie has diabetes and is insulin dependent but Jackie wasn’t going to let that stop her from working full time to support her family.  She decided to go to school for Food Service Management since she was working at WAWA and liked what she was doing but she knew she had to go to school to get her AA degree to improve her financial situation.

Jackie applied for FAFSA and PELL grants that BCCC had to offer and she also applied for BCOC scholarships.   Jackie received assistance through grants and also received the Gateway scholarship through the Community College and BCOC twice that helped with $3500 towards her education.

Jackie worked long and hard and had many struggles juggling school, being a full time mom whose boys needed her full emotional support with their struggles. She was dependent on the government with food stamps and housing but her goal was to be subsidy free.   BCOC helped with gas and household items to help Jackie make it through the tough times.  Jackie used her Earned Income Tax Credit to help maintain her budget throughout the year.

Jackie found herself in the hospital a few times over the past few years and is not sure what she would have done without the support of her family. Jackie did well in school and graduated in May 2015 with AA degree in food management.

Jackie is now working as a College Graduate Lead at WAWA, and looking into becoming a first time home owner. Jackie pays full market rent now and will be receiving an escrow account balance of $5000 which will assist in her home purchase.