Lisa's Story

In the beginning of 2013 Lisa came to our Doylestown office when she was homeless. Lisa was temporarily staying with different people, but needed a stable home, especially for her three young sons.  She was approved for an apartment in Warminster and was able to secure it with the help of our Emergency Services.  Lisa then relocated to Lower Bucks to be closer to her mom.

In the summer of 2014, Lisa came to the Opportunity Council in Bristol and enrolled in the Economic Self-Sufficiency program. She was having trouble managing her bills and needed guidance with budgeting.   

Lisa successfully gained employment with the AAA Insurance Company.  She was receiving a decent hourly rate but meeting their quota was difficult.  Her commission check wasn’t as much as she anticipated it to be.  Lisa decided to move on to another insurance agency.  Earlier this year, she started a new position with State Farm.  Lisa is much more satisfied there, especially after BCOC financially assisted with a certificate course in Health and Life insurance. She is currently studying to take her certification test. This will enable her to increase her income as an Insurance agent. Lisa is motivated, loves her job and is passionate about helping people.

Lisa made the decision to move back in with her mom to save for a house. Lisa developed a better understanding of budgeting her money and the importance of saving for the future. Her goal within the next 3 years is to become a homeowner. That was her dream from the start.