William's Story

When William first came to BCOC he was living in an unstable environment and needed to secure permanent housing.  William was in recovery and looking to get his life back on track.

William received emergency funds through the Housing Assistance Program, which enabled him to secure permanent affordable housing.  Soon after he enrolled in the Self-Sufficiency Program and began his future story.  William had faced several obstacles in the past, and was determined to move forward. In working with his ES Coach, William was able to budget and plan ahead.   In addition to his Social Security, William obtained employment doing what he knows best, client sales.  

William is now working part-time for his own company and continues to build his clientele. William works hard to establish connections and build partnerships with large companies to meet their needs.  Although it has been an upward battle, William has remained resilient.  This is a fresh start and a new beginning, and he has the strength to continue to succeed as he continues on his journey.