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Pantry Stories

An elderly couple came to the pantry because they heard that we were having a sign-up for turkeys and other foods for Thanksgiving dinners.  They were not aware that we existed and were told about us by a friend.  They had been struggling with paying their bills, paying for medications and buying food weekly.  On multiple occasions one or both of them had gone without medications, and they often had to borrow money to purchase food.  They were very pleased to find out they can get groceries through us on a monthly basis.  We also informed them that they never have to be without food; we have a policy that if a family runs out of food before their one-month return date, they can still come in and we’ll provide them with what we call a “Pasta Bag.”  It’s an interim bag of groceries containing pasta, sauce, bread, canned goods and produce donated to the pantry from the community.  It’s not as much food as we normally provide to clients monthly, but it’s enough to help them get through at least a few days.