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Kevin's Story

Kevin has struggled in the past with drugs and alcohol but when he came to the Opportunity Council he was well on his way to full recovery and regaining his life back he just needed assistance obtaining his Certificate to be a Certified Recovery Specialist.

Kevin was a gifted athlete who suffered a career ending injury which led to the abuse of Opioids then Heroine which led to criminal activity and Kevin winding up in jail.  After this event, he spent some time sober and met his future wife and everything seemed fine until one night they decided to use again.

Kevin ended up losing his wife to an overdose that night. His world fell apart as alcohol became his only friend and one more bad decision landed Kevin back in jail for the second and last time he had an awakening as he says.

Kevin got himself into Bucks County Drug Court program this helped him connect to Family Services where he received the services he needed to get into the right programs and back on track with his life. He went to School at Penn State Abington where he received his CRS certificate using the ES scholarship reserved for our clients working on education or a better employment.  Kevin would like to eventually go to back school and work towards a in Health Administration but in the mean-time Kevin landed himself a wonderful job which he loves working in Recovery helping others with drug Addiction.  Kevin recently became engaged and moved into his Fiancée home and they are looking forward to what the future holds.