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Volunteer Tax Stories


Our greeter signaled me that one of our clients requested help with the interview form.  This time I met Jane who was a recent widow. Jane indicated that her husband had a friend that did their taxes. With her husband’s death, the friend said that Jane needed tax help by a professional. When she inquired about a paid tax service the fees were in the $500 range. Jane asked us if we could help because $500 was a lot more than what she could afford. I told Jane that we could help, but I needed her information and her husband’s information.  I could tell that it greatly troubled Jane when I asked for her late husband’s tax forms.  At the completion of the interview, Jane asked how much this would cost?  When I told Jane that the cost is free she started crying.  I calmed Jane down and she was so thankful.  She told us that she had no idea how to get the taxes filed and she was scared that she would have to pay $500 that she did not have.

Bob and Carol

Bob and Carol were a typical older couple in their mid 80's who would file jointly. Carol explained to me that Bob always did the taxes but his health was poor and his short term memory was poor. The interview took longer than expected as Bob repeated his story about how he always did his taxes by hand. After a prolonged interview, I finally got all the needed information. When Bob went to the bathroom, Carol thanked all of us. She said without our patience, she could never have gotten this far. Without us, she said she could not get the taxes done. She also indicated that she learned what was needed and next year would be better.


Rohnda came in to get her taxes done. She brought her very young daughter with her and told me her neighbor was watching her son.  I was asking Rohnda for tax information and she was struggling while holding her baby.  Rohnda looked at me and passed her baby girl to me so she could find what she was looking for. Rohnda’s daughter decided that now was a good time to take a nap. I completed the interview with Rohnda’s daughter sound asleep in my arms. Rohnda thanked us all for helping with her taxes and also for giving her a break from holding her daughter. She told everyone that her daughter rarely naps out of the house.