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Ana's Story

Ana was referral to BCOC from the Housing Authority almost 5 years ago. Ana spoke a coach but was hesitant to join the program. She said that it isn’t the time and maybe in the future, but within a year, Ana was ready.

Ana was working in a temporary position at a chemical company in the area. She really liked the job, and the company treated the employees very well. She became permanent employee and moved into the Administrative Department. Ana worked her way up through the company, and her next goal is to be the Executive Administrator to the CEO. 

Ana is a single mom to 3 children, who are her world. She wanted to show them the importance of hard work, and to teach them if you want something bad enough to stick with it. Through the years she worked with her coach on budgeting. Her main goal was to purchase a home. 

She had assistance from BCOC that helped her stay focus on her goal of owning a home. Ana  loved the Back to School and the Adopt-A-Family Christmas programs offered at BCOC. She trusted that our donors would provide for her children during these times while she continued to save.

In the summer of 2020, Ana achieved her goal and became a home owner. Her dream started before she made that conection with the Bucks County Opportunity Council.

She told her coach, Mary, "I just needed some support and someone to believe in me" and BCOC did.