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William's Story

William came to BCOC for support getting housed from homelessness. He worked with BCOC staff to find, obtain, and maintain housing. William entered the program with his only source of income being unemployment compensation. He quickly was able to start Ubering to gain some income while he continued to search for more stable employment. Eventually, William began to work part time at FedEx which increased his income over 200%. Once COVID arrived, William had to stop Ubering and decided to work full time at FedEx. Not only did this keep him above 200% poverty, it allowed him to obtain health insurance. This job is physically challenging for William, but he is committed to keeping it until he is able to find a better paying job in the chemistry field. William continues to work with BCOC in hopes of finding a full time job that is physically easier for him to do, and that will allow him to maintain a balanced budget. William also continues to work on paying off past debts in order to balance out his income to debt ratio and increase his credit score.